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About Levant Taiwan Halal Meat

Levant Taiwan Halal Meat established in August 2014 by Mr. Hasan. He started this business because there was no halal meat store back that time yet the demand for halal meat is keep raising due to the increasing number of muslim in Taiwan. Even though, there were several slaughterhouses with halal marked in Taipei, but we were uncertain how do they stored, processed or transported the meat. Aware of this situation, we opened this store to meet the demand of halal-certified meat products in Taipei, Taiwan. 

Our store owner is devout muslim, supported by several muslim staffs that dedicated to comply the halal meat protocols. As part of our commitment, our meat product has been certified halal by the Chinese Muslim Association. Our halal certification was obtained through regular on-site surveys to ensure that halal protocols followed consistently. Although, currently we are still a small-scale store but we will continue to grow and offer various fresh and top quality of halal meat products that meet our customer desire for 100% Zabiha Halal Meat in Taipei, Taiwan.

“What is Halal?”

In relation to meat, halal means that the meats are permitted or allowed to be eaten according in Traditional Islamic way. The term halal meat, not only refers to the way we slaughtered the animals but also how the animal was fed on, how the meat was stored, processed and transported should be separated from non-halal materials.



This flavorful and savoury grilled lamb short loin chops is perfect for your family outing. Serve it along with rice or potatoes and salads


We commited to ensure the process of slaughter, storage, process, and transport the chicken to meet the halal protocol standard

"Therefore, eat of that on which Allah's name has been mentioned if you are believers in His verses."

 (Qur’an 6:118)
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Our Customers

The best way to experience our wide variety of halal meats is to visit our store. Come and taste our certified halal meats and join our valued customers